Technology allows the creation of biodegradable cutlery with bioplastic, made from biopolymers from the husk of the avocado. A great innovation that has a circular life, since its collection starts from nature and its waste is reintegrated back into it.

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BRCGS Certified Smartpack!

At Smartpack we have good manufacturing practices and quality assurance systems for all our processes.

We are certified under the BRCGS standard, which sets the benchmark for best manufacturing practices, helping to ensure that products and services are of high quality, legal and safe.

We provide an optimal level of hygiene and safety for consumers, under global food safety standards,
packaging, storage and distribution materials, as well as consumer products.

As a team we are very happy to have participated in the process and we hope to work in the same way to continue improving ourselves within the industry.

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Walmart Chile chooses NEXT FLEX to achieve its corporate sustainability goals in 2025.

Walmart declared worldwide the need to achieve specific sustainability goals and defines the year 2025 as the deadline for all the packaging of its products and its own brand to be completely sustainable or recyclable.

Therefore, all Walmart suppliers must meet its quality standards and be aligned with its commitments, which are listed and updated in the guidelines of the ‘Packaging Style Guide’.

Thanks to these intentions and the efforts of Smartpack Chile, Walmart joined in a
sustainable cooperation with the Niederwieser Group. Together the three companies developed the appropriate solution: Next Flex, a new line of sustainable, certified and recyclable MPO films, based on a high-barrier PP/EVOH/PE structure.

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Fork Interview – Halopack Tray – Paula Aguirre

On the WeWork rooftop, we spoke with Paula Aguirre Delaveau, who is in charge of strategy and product development, about the characteristics of the halopack tray, how it contributes to the environment, and how it has become an innovation in the world of packaging.

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