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Sustainable packaging solutions that incorporate the best developments focused on applying the circular economy.

In all our solutions we incorporate the best developments, always focused on applying the circular economy in your processes and the objective of maintaining the strengths of the packaging.

This is how we have successfully worked and implemented mono-material packaging technologies, labels and recyclable trays, to reduce the use of plastic in packaging that cannot replace it without losing its properties.


Our trays are designed for markets such as ready meals, salads and all types of packaged meats. We work with materials according to the needs of the product and the client, in terms of useful life, protection, use of MAP, recyclability, printing and with a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Smartpack is a supplier of an extensive range of specialized films for packaging solutions. We have years of experience in various material solutions used in the food packaging industry.


Our labels provide a better product image, printing on both sides, a variety of materials and increased productivity. The technology of the labels is of English origin and belongs to the category of Linerless technology, that is to say that they do not have backing paper on the reels.

Zipper Bag

Our zipper bags are an innovative packaging solution specially designed to package cooked foods, resistant to high temperatures specially designed to comply with the norm and allow to be used directly in the microwave oven when reheating the food.

Pad and Absorbent Paper

For wet products we have a variety of absorbent packaging solutions, all BRC certified. Paper, pad and other products are thin, light and have very good absorption properties.

Biodegradable Cutlery

Now we also have biodegradable cutlery made from avocado seed biopolymers, and synthetic organic compounds, to ensure their degradation.

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