Reach 60% recovery of our waste by 2025

The Future of Packaging

Smartpack is a company founded in 2010 by dedicated professionals specialized in the packaging industry. Our approach is based on constant research into trends and innovations in the industry at a global level, in order to then transmit and implement these successful experiences in your production processes.

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We deliver comprehensive process solutions within the food industry, promoting machinery technologies, sustainable packaging and high-end equipment services in an efficient manner in different markets. Oriented towards innovation and the constant search for new trends, we promote our packaging based on eco-design, delivering real solutions for the circular economy.

Quality First

Quality policies are a fundamental factor in our management, which is why we have qualified and certified strategic partners who provide us with raw materials that can be recovered or applied to different efficient technologies for the reintegration of the resource in an effective way in its Lifecycle.



Our packaging allows greater recyclability and high efficiency due to its low energy and resource consumption.


We are committed to the use of eco-design in our packaging to deliver solutions in different formats, and adapt to the new needs of our customers.


We seek to implement new trends in our processes to have the least possible waste based on recyclable materials.


Automate the production processes of our clients helping to minimize the carbon footprint.
We identify new trends within the packaging industry at a global level to efficiently and comprehensively incorporate different solutions into your production processes, also relying on technologies that help us have the necessary tools to guarantee optimal recycling in our packaging. Our suppliers are a fundamental part of our production chain, helping us to meet our objectives locally.

MAP (Modified Atmosphere)

Fresh products needs oxygen to stay alive. By controlling (reducing) the amount of oxygen, the respiratory rate is reduced and, therefore, the aging process. This prolongs shelf life and improves product quality.


Labels that do not use support paper, achieving between 40% and 50% less weight.


Both permeability and shelf life extension of fresh produce can be controlled by micro-perforations. A piercing can mean the difference between 1 to 3 days of additional shelf life.

Circular Economy

We are committed to the environment and responsible waste management, which is why our processes are aligned with the 3R proposal: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Ecodesign Proposal

We generate products responsibly, recoverable and applicable to different efficient technologies for the effective reintegration of the resource in its life cycle.


We are committed to the challenges of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law, with efficient solutions that allow us to reduce and recover packaging materials, reducing the environmental impact.

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