Fork Interview - Halopack Tray - Paula Aguirre

On the WeWork rooftop, we spoke with Paula Aguirre Delaveau, who is in charge of strategy and product development, about the characteristics of the halopack tray, how it contributes to the environment, and how it has become an innovation in the world of packaging.

"The experience has been super good, it was very difficult to find a container that contains all these super innovative features" says Paula.

Paula Aguirre

Strategy and Product Development - FORK

How was the experience with the Halopack tray inside the Fork? What characteristics did you see in it to decide to implement it?

“The experience has been super good, it was very difficult to find a container that contains all these super innovative features” says Paula. The main characteristics that caught the attention of the healthy food company was that it was aligned with all its fundamental pillars, “sustainability, it is a container that cares for and respects the environment, it has a super high percentage of recyclability, which is of the 90% and it also allows for zero waste, which is another of our focuses,” says the person in charge of strategy and product development, “which is ultimately to reduce food waste as much as we can.”

What is your opinion about the tastes of consumers today, is it aligned with the characteristics that the halopack tray provides?

Paula affirms that consumers are increasingly demanding and more informed, “I think it is perfect that this is the case and this tray is aligned with that, due to the percentage of recyclability that is what we have said previously and it is also perfect that the industry has with packaging and the customer can select based on packaging of these characteristics”.

Currently there are problems regarding the materials and processes of the containers, they are not optimal for their recyclability. Do you think that the tray can contribute to our society today due to its characteristics?

“Yes, bone, more than a contribution it is a since, the industry must have containers of these characteristics” he adds, “there should never have been such harmful containers for the planet, then more than a contribution I think it is a duty of us that the packaging in which we deliver our food is as sustainable as possible and respects the environment as much as possible”.

What features of the tray catch your attention?

“The feature that catches my attention the most is the MAP technology” says Paula, explaining that by its acronym in English it is called modified atmosphere packaging. He explains that through the exchange of gases it was possible to increase the useful life of the product for much longer and in this way contribute to food waste, “the other thing that catches my attention is the design, a very good look for the product and As I said before, the issue of sustainability, that is, the level of sustainability is super high and the film is super easy to peel off” details Paula.

Do you think this product is an innovation in the world of packaging?

“Yes, I think it is an innovation, it was very difficult for us to find a packaging, in fact we search all over the world for a packaging that meets these characteristics and aligns all of them, that is to say that it is recyclable that has a good look and that reduces zero waste, I think it’s perfect”.
By Catalina Contreras