Smartpack presents Halopack, the first carton pack that works with MAP

“This is a solid innovation that has emerged from the eco-design of packaging, a concept based on a constant search for new technologies in the food industry, in order to generate new solutions that favor insertion into the circular economy”

Our halopack tray is made from a recyclable, printable and die-cut cardstock. Due to its design, it offers the possibility of having printing on up to ten sides. Thanks to the subsequent lamination with a layer of barrier material, and an appropriate gas composition, it allows to extend the shelf life of fresh foods. Sealed container with traceability, food safety, shelf life extension, with the ability to be printed on all sides of your design, and subsequent ease of recycling thanks to the easy separation of the cardboard from the plastics used, the halopack tray of Smartpack is presented as a disruptive solution in its class and a real advance towards recyclability, care and respect for the environment.

It is the first cardboard container that works with MAP respecting gas emission limits. It is part of the circular economy, environmentally friendly and vacuum sealed at the top only. Halopack’s carton pack provides a higher barrier than standard PP-PE or PET packs, allowing the shelf life of fresh foods to be substantially extended in combination with a “fresh” presentation by consumers, as well as saving production costs. , Logistics and Transportation.

This pack has a patented design, is fully sealable with Proseal heat sealing solutions and has unique in-line production possibilities leading to more operational benefits.