Smartpack changes to be closer to its
customers "Design and development of technologies based on industry 4.0 and the circular economy"

We are a young and modern company that promotes state-of-the-art machinery technologies, packaging development and automation processes, in addition to being at the forefront of environmental sustainability. For this reason, we have changed our image, we want to show the market that we are a partner of our clients. We constantly work with the most efficient and competitive solutions for each market in which we participate.

Smartpack Solutions

Sustainable Packaging, where we group the technologies of packaging such as film, trays, labels, bags, pad absorbers, among others.

Industry4.0, this because since the digital transformation is installed not only in the needs of process automation, it is also in the ability to send and handle data, with continuous improvements that increase production and over control in the
decrease in operating costs.

Machines and equipment for solutions process, packaging, inspection, labeling, coding and final machinery of line Agroindustry, which includes Fruit and Vegetables, and where we have the advantage of covering everything from Pre-Harvest in the fields, calibration and dosing of products, and intelligent packaging through the measurement of respiration and the correct packaging design to increase shelf life. useful of living products.