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“Reach 60% recovery of our waste by 2025”
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Smartpack team: a family behind a great company

At Smartpack we are a team and above all things we are a family.

Thanks to our coordinated work, the effort and perseverance of all our employees, we have managed to build one of the most recognized companies in packaging solutions.

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BRCGS Certified Smartpack!

At Smartpack we have good manufacturing practices and quality assurance systems for all our processes.

We are certified under the BRCGS standard, which sets the benchmark for best manufacturing practices, helping to ensure that products and services are of high quality, legal and safe.

We provide an optimal level of hygiene and safety for consumers, under global food safety standards,
packaging, storage and distribution materials, as well as consumer products.

As a team we are very happy to have participated in the process and we hope to work in the same way to continue improving ourselves within the industry.

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Walmart Chile chooses NEXT FLEX to achieve its corporate sustainability goals in 2025.

Walmart declared worldwide the need to achieve specific sustainability goals and defines the year 2025 as the deadline for all the packaging of its products and its own brand to be completely sustainable or recyclable.

Therefore, all Walmart suppliers must meet its quality standards and be aligned with its commitments, which are listed and updated in the guidelines of the ‘Packaging Style Guide’.

Thanks to these intentions and the efforts of Smartpack Chile, Walmart joined in a
sustainable cooperation with the Niederwieser Group. Together the three companies developed the appropriate solution: Next Flex, a new line of sustainable, certified and recyclable MPO films, based on a high-barrier PP/EVOH/PE structure.

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“Our experience with the labeling machine was really good, we were looking for this Linerless technology about a year and a half ago… when the labeling machine arrived at the plant, the people at Smartpack were very supportive in putting it into service”
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Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruit volumes continue to increase and our packaging machines are helping growers meet ever-increasing demand by providing high-quality, flexible sealing solutions while meeting hygiene, safety and sustainability standards.

At Smartpack we have packaging solutions for the fruit and vegetable market, focused on heat-sealing lines, flowpack, vertical packaging, labeling and automation equipment, which achieve an efficient and automated response.


Portioned, whole meats or the format you want Smartpack has the perfect packaging solution for you, with high barrier protection characteristics and different sealing materials such as films, labels, vacuum bags, among others.

Shelf life extension techniques for these products can be easily adhered to in tray sealing applications, greatly reducing food waste, maintaining quality and increasing profit margins.

For the meat market, we have packaging solutions focused on heat-sealing, thermoforming, vacuum chambers, labeling, process equipment, among others, that manage to deliver an efficient and automated solution to the customer.

Fish and Seafood

Bacteria present in seafood act quickly to break down protein tissue, breaking it down and causing food to expire quickly. Because of this, it is important to package fresh fish and shellfish properly, ensuring that food reaches the consumer in the safest and freshest condition.

At Smartpack we have packaging solutions for the fish and seafood market, focused on heat-sealing, thermoforming, multi-head lines, labeling and coding equipment, so we deliver an efficient and automated solution to our client.


Changing consumer eating habits driven by modern and hectic lifestyles demands a quick and easy way to eat high quality food.

With our packaging solutions for the Convinience market, made from high-visibility pre-printed PET, PP, compostable and paperboard, they do not require secondary packaging such as labels, reducing overall costs.


Our packaging solutions for the bakery and pastry market are outstanding in the market. Products can be vacuum or modified atmosphere packed, allowing any possible contamination to be isolated, maintaining freshness and increasing shelf life.

At Smartpack we have different packaging solutions for the Bakery and Dessert market, focused on thermosealing, thermoforming, labeling and coding equipment lines, which manage to deliver an efficient and automated solution to the customer.

Dairy products

In the dairy market, a material is especially required that allows the product to be preserved for as long as possible and in perfect condition. In addition to this requirement, the user increasingly values ​​the possibility of being able to customize their packaging.

At Smartpack, we guarantee that each consumer acquires a practical, efficient, functional container that increases the shelf life of dairy products. Our sustainable packaging lines cover a variety of materials, in addition to being complemented by our heat-sealing and thermoforming solutions, which are perfectly integrated to give an optimal result.

Ready Meals

Prepared meals have become increasingly popular over the last decade due to changes in consumer habits.

There are several innovations to our packaging, such as the halopack tray, specifically geared towards sealing prepared dishes in the most efficient way possible, overcoming common obstacles to provide maximum seal integrity, recyclability and freshness.

At Smartpack we have different packaging solutions for the Ready Meals market, focused on heat-sealing, thermoforming, labeling and coding equipment lines, which manage to deliver an efficient and automated solution to the customer.

Plant Based

Plant-based foods in recent years have evolved in such a way as to be able to eat a nutritious diet with the use of natural ingredients, providing great health benefits.

Our solutions are adapted to the needs of the consumer, using recyclable materials, which help to increase the useful life and improve the presentation of the product.

At Smartpack we have different packaging solutions for the Plant Based market, focused on heat-sealing lines, labeling and coding equipment, which manage to deliver an efficient and automated solution to the customer.